Built For Businesses And Customers

Built For Businesses And Customers

We Built What We Needed
We built OrbitDesk for our own business support systems… we built it for our people and customers… NOT just nerds and developers…

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Businesses And Customers First

Why get locked in with a system written to impress developers and programmers? OrbitDesk can be used by virtually anyone with a web connected device.

When we went searching for a support system for our own companies, we started to feel like the industry wanted us to buy or use their latest Ferrari, “James Bond Car”, or OTR Semi-Truck… when what we really needed was a reliable pick-up or service truck.

And even though we are heavy in the web market with our own IT and Developers, most of the self-hosted stuff was bloated, over-complex, and just nuts.

We needed something that the “Average Consumer” could plug into to ask a question, and that our people could use to answer that question from the office OR the beach OR from in the car at lunch.

So we borrowed from some of the best in the industry, and added what “FITS for Real Business and Customers” and left the rest at the cutting room floor and the scrap heap… OrbitDesk was born…

Enough horsepower and tech under the hood to get the job done, but user friendly enough for customers and non-tech employees or drive through traffic.

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