Pricing That Makes Business Sense

Business Sense Pricing

Business Sense Pricing
Agent Fees and Usage Penalties add up quick.

WHY pay more just because some extra people access the system?

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Pricing And Scaling In a Way That Makes Sense

Again we paid attention to our own business needs when it came time to price OrbitDesk.

Our business includes several “sub-businesses” under their own Brand and name. They are managed by solo-operators and micro-teams. We couldn’t come close to justifying the “per Agent” pricing found in most of the market.

Further, the needs of our sub-businesses were not that heavy, but when somebody wanted time off or help, we would either need to pay some “greedy add-an-agent penalty”, or risk someone sharing passwords. Both were “Unacceptable”.

Sure, we are taking a small risk with “No Per Agent Fees” and “No Hidden Data Fees”. But we run websites for a living too. We understand bandwidth and databases. And “most” of you (our customers) have the same business needs we do, and will likely have similar Support Traffic. In short, “we just don’t need to charge you for what should be built into your system“.

If this ever changes in the future, we will adjust… but at “the heaviest user levels” our pricing pretty much just matches our extra costs, and YOU will always have our same original deal for your Primary Membership at Today’s Price.

Besides, if your needs grow, you can scale by adding extra OrbitDesks for a fraction of the Market Per Agent Fees.

And if your needs involve dozens or hundreds of Agents or upwards of several thousand or even tens of thousands tickets per month, please inquire about our “Corporate Allie White-Label” program and we will work with you to design and propose an OrbitDesk White-Label Corporate Allie for you.

Now THAT makes sense, doesn’t it?

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