OrbitDesk HelpDesk Application

NO Per Agent Fees
NO Data Fees
NO Email Fees
Private Databases
Vanity Subdomains
Much Much More !

Lock In $19/mo/desk For Life!

Set Up Desk(s) Buy License(s)

Introducing a Whole New Way To Scale Support

Solo to Core Team

Single Desk/Sub-Domain

For the Entrepreneur and Small Team Users.

Offer a 24/7 Service and Support System your customers and clients will thank you for. Quick and easy Sign-Up and Set-Up, and we host it for you.

A single OrbitDesk can handle Departmental and Support Team Traffic without "Extra Agent Fees" or hidden expense. OrbitDesk was "Designed and Developed" specifically for this market, and is perfect for even several users from multiple Departments, and handles support requests even while you and your team are away.

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Multi Desks/Sub-Domains

For Mid-Size Demands and Users in Seperate Segments.

Take advantage of extra OrbitDesks for Key Subsets of your organization, each supporting multiple agents and a "Segment Tailored" approach that matches their needs.

Enjoy Special Pricing that allows you to "Personalize and Streamline" your Support Functions to "Fit Your Business Model".

Perfect for Businesses with multiple brands, locations, and divisions, that need a "central presence" with multiple client messages or looks.

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Corporate Allie

Your Domain/Server

Customized, White-Label Options Available.

Perfect for Larger Organizations spanning several States or Regions. We can Customize and White-Label the same system we use for our customers here at OrbitDesk under your Name and Branding.

We even Help you Set-Up and maintain our system on your core domain your Divisions, Product Lines, and Locations running on their own sub-domains, just like we do for our own OrbitDesk customers.

Contact us for more information.

- Support -

1) Choose Your Sub-Domain

Your OrbitDesk(s) feature a unique sub-domain(s) to help advance your Branding, highlight a Department, Product, or Service, or even to tailor support to a market segment.

Each sub-domain is built on it's own database and email addresses to lend an extra bit of "VIP" look and feel for your clients.

2) Get Started in Moments

OrbitDesk is set up and ready to run "as-is", but we encourage you to sign in and customize your system to fit your needs.

Upload your license info, logo, name your HelpDesk, and add your information. Expand from there with custom email messages, signatures, added agents or Departments, import existing customers/clients, etc. OrbitDesk can be as simple or as customized as you wish.

3) Introduce Your New Service

Let your customers know where to find you, and the system is ready to assist you with your Support related tasks.

You get to run your business and reply to Ticket requests, and we do the "nitty-gritty" of security, hosting, and upgrades and improvements.