Introducing a Whole New Way To Scale Support

Common Sense Scaling

With prices less than “Per Agent” elsewhere, imagine your savings and how much smoother and less cluttered your Support Systems could function… just by removing the chains restricting your growth.

Add multiple Support and Help Desk Systems to match your business needs.  (…and still spend less than you would have in Agent or Data Fees elsewhere…)

Common Sense Usage

Give Your Departments, Divisions, and Branches their OWN Full-Featured Help And Support System

Instead of “crowding” all your support into a single HelpDesk System…

Let your Business Units tailor their Support and Communications as they need to.

Tailored To Your Business

Your Customers will LOVE the “Personalized VIP” feeling when they can access a “Devoted Products Desk and Knowledge Base” for example…

Your Employees will LOVE not tripping over another division or department every time there is a service request or question.

So YOU will love it too…

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Solo to Core Team

Single Desk/Sub-Domain

For the Entrepreneur and Small Team Users.

Offer a 24/7 Service and Support System your customers and clients will thank you for. Quick and easy Sign-Up and Set-Up, and we host it for you.

A single OrbitDesk can handle Departmental and Support Team Traffic without “Extra Agent Fees” or hidden expense. OrbitDesk was “Designed and Developed” specifically for this market, and is perfect for even several users from multiple Departments, and handles support requests even while you and your team are away.


Multi Desks/Sub-Domains

For Mid-Size Demands and Users in Seperate Segments.

Take advantage of extra OrbitDesks for Key Subsets of your organization, each supporting multiple agents and a “Segment Tailored” approach that matches their needs.

Enjoy Special Pricing that allows you to “Personalize and Streamline” your Support Functions to “Fit Your Business Model”.

Perfect for Businesses with multiple brands, locations, and divisions, that need a “central presence” with multiple client messages or looks.

Corporate Allie

Your Domain/Server

Customized, Private-Label Options Available.

Perfect for Larger Organizations spanning several States or Regions. We can Customize and Private-Label the same system we use for our customers here at OrbitDesk under your Name and Branding.

We can even Help you Set-Up and maintain our system on your core domain. Your Divisions, Product Lines, and Locationscould be running on their own sub-domains, just like we do for our own OrbitDesk customers.

Contact us for more information.

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Get Started

“Built For Business” Features
“Built For Customers” Features

Single OrbitDesk
“Stationary Orbit”

or *$169/yr

Great For
Solo/Small Team

  • **No Per Agent Fees
  • **No Data Fees
  • **One Flat Fee
  • Full Featured Help Desk
  • Your Branding and Address
  • Member Account Benefits
  • Hosted and Managed
  • Private Database & SSL
  • Email Services Built In
  • **Short (2-3 char) Subdomains FREE
    ($10 value)
  • ** Launch Special
  • * SAVE +25%
    With Annual

“Satellite Grid”

or *$134/yr/desk

Great For
Mid-Size Use

  • **No Per Agent Fees
  • **No Data Fees
  • **One Flat Fee
  • Full Featured Help Desks
  • Your Branding and Addresses
  • Member Account Benefits
  • Hosted and Managed
  • Private Databases & SSL
  • eMail Services Built In
  • **Short (2-3 char) Subdomains FREE
    ($10 value)
  • ** Launch Special
  • * SAVE 20% +25% More/Desk
    With Annual

Corporate Allie
“Launch Control”

From $400/mo
+ $1500 SETUP

Great For
Large-Size Use

  • Your Domain and Subs
  • Your Server or Lease Ours
  • VPS or Dedicated
  • Our Software Your System
  • Dedicated Support Rep(s)
  • Member Account Benefits
  • Fully Managed
  • ** Launch Special

30 Day Guarantee

30 Day “No Questions Asked” Guarantee

Rock Solid 30 Day “No Questions Asked” Guarantee.
Simply order today Risk-Free, and you’ll have a full 30 days to use OrbitDesk and discover what OrbitDesk can do for you.

If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us within 30 days for a prompt refund.

Select and Register Your Sub-domain:


  • Input Your Desired Sub-domain
  • Then Click “Check” Button When Input is Valid (green)

If sub-domain is available

  • Enter an Admin Email For Your OrbitDesk
  • Click the “Register Site” Button

Your desk will be built

  • Copy and Save Your Desk Information

Your OrbitDesk Will be
“Live and Ready to Customize”
(be sure to grab your license below)

* Lower case letters, numbers, and hyphens allowed
* 2-45 char limit
* Starts with letter
* Ends with number or letter
* Short 2-3 digit names allowed at “No Extra Charge” for this offer


My HelpDesk Address Will Be:

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AND Grab Your OrbitDesk License

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