Hosted Managed Help System

Hosted Managed Support

Hosted & Managed System
OrbitDesk is a Full Featured, Hosted, and Manged System built with Business and Customers in mind.

We customized, streamlined, and simplified some of the best HelpDesk Industry Features to offer YOU a package that is nearly plug-and-play simple.

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A Hosted & Managed Help System Solution

We could have offered OrbitDesk to the world as just another “web-software kit”, or even just kept it for our own use as mentioned elsewhere.

But there are MANY, many businesses out there who are or have been just as surprised and disillusioned as us about the choices available. They (or YOU) are our valued Customer Base.

You have plenty to do with running your business and doing what you do best.

Our Number One Goal is to offer you a tool that is easy and affordable to help you with the critical task of Support.

With these thoughts in mind, we offer you OrbitDesk as a Fully Hosted and Managed Help System, Customized for Business and Customers ease of use.

Some brief set-up steps like entering your Business Name and Information can be all you really need to do to go “Live” OrbitDesk.

Yet you will find a lean and powerfull system waiting to be put to work if your business needs demand it.

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