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I heartily endorse and recommend

I’m in the highly competitive fields of professional development, executive coaching and business consulting services.

Even though I serve my clients through Internet-based systems and tools, the majority of people I work with are offline-based business owners and social/start-up entrepreneurs, self-employed contractors and proprietors, C-suite leaders and mid-level and professional practice managers.

My prospects and clients need to feel cared-for, competently supported and proactively responded to by me and my partners – this OrbitDesk.Com platform easily, simply and expertly enables me to provide my customers with the type of support they demand and deserve.

I heartily endorse and recommend that every online and offline business operator use OrbitDesk.Com as their go-to “help-desk” system – it’s an affordable, next-generational platform that’s sure to grow with you as it portrays your enterprise as a credible, professional entity starting from “Day-One”!

Author, Executive Advisor, Coach and Leadership Consultant

Bill Thomas Author, Consultant

absolutely thrilled with Orbit Desk

I am absolutely thrilled with Orbit Desk. I’ve tested 3 other solutions this year and none of them live up to their “Big Promises” except Orbit Desk.

It just works and it works with any device and screen size and we’ve never received a phone call or angry email saying “we can’t open a ticket ” or “It won’t let me submit a ticket”. With our old system, these angry phone calls and frustrated emails were a regular occurrence.

If you want something that works on all devices in all situations AND it is easy to use, then Orbit Desk is for you.

Orbit Desk has everything you need to get started and everything you could want to run a thriving business.


Jeffrey Gignac PassiveBrainFitness

professionally designed support system

Finally a professionally designed support system that put it’s user
on the same or similar level as the big boys and girls in The Internet Marketing arena.

Having full control without relying on third party support companies is a major plus, in rapidly and professionally meeting the needs of our customers and members. I am anxious to get up and running with the Orbit Deask system.


J. Davis ebizbuilder

Awesome product

Hi, I have been in online marketing for over 10 years.
I recognize the need for a reliable customer support desk.

I have tried a few of the more popular desks on the market.
I must say that the OrbitDesk platform not only should rank
at the top of the list but for the cost it can’t be out done for
the quality and excellent service it provides not only to me
but my online business customers as well.

Awesome product!

diy Internet Marketer

T. Sanford diy Internet Marketer . com

unlimited tickets which makes the system future proof, at a price unheard of

As an OrbitDesk Beta Tester I was provided with a full-featured system of this new comer in the Help Desk application segment. As a beta recipient I enjoy this system as it functions fantastically well, is easy to use.

And knowing the Team developing I can’t wait for the future updates and improvements that are in store. Having features such as unlimited agents so I don’t have to monitor the system myself, unlimited tickets which makes the system future proof, at a price unheard of.

Thank you for allowing me to test drive “My” new help desk and I enjoy every moment.


J. Gingras TechnoLOGIK

a support desk platform that’s both easy to understand and use

Finally — a support desk platform that’s both easy to understand and use!!

I was able to set up my first support agent and go through the support ticket cycle as
a user all within 20 minutes.

I see myself using OrbitDesk in my business for years to come!

Digital Natives LLC
Barking Dogs Marketing

S. Ford Digital Natives LLC

beats all other helpdesk systems I used in the past

I love your new support platform at Orbit Desk.

I tested it for some time now and all I can say is that it beats all other helpdesk systems I used in the past. I can say this because in my recent 15 years of working online I tested many systems like Kayako, Vision Helpdesk, some self-hosted ones and WP plugins as well.

The simplicity of the handling of Orbit Desk is what I like most. There are not as many complicated not-used features included which only confused me in the past.

I real time-saving feature is that I can create pre-defined replies. In the past I had to copy and paste those replies from my notes database but Orbit Desk allows to choose a pre-defined reply by simply clicking a drop down menu.

To summarize my satisfaction about your system…
I have moved my previous helpdesk system to yours and I am sure I (and my customers) won’t regret it.

Great job…

D. Wagner iMo

support desk of my own gives me credibility

Although no one has submitted a ticket to me yet, just knowing that I have a support desk of my own gives me credibility. I have submitted a few test tickets and they worked great. I still need to customize it for preset faqs but love the look. I use my own domain to hide the orbit desk url. Great addition to the vault tool chest.

Millennial Marketing, LLC

R. Duval Millennial Marketing, LLC

well thought out Support System

Orbitdesk is an online affordable Support system. This system saves the need to install scripts and the headache of what to do when that script becomes out of date due to age.

It is very flexible and can be set up to be as a simple or a more sophiscated support system. The Admin section even allows for outworkers to be setup to do the support work.

Orbitdesk is a well thought out Support System that could be the answer to a marketers prayers.

Cowley Marketing Co

T. Cummings Cowley Marketing Co

It was so easy to setup my FAQ section

Besides being very reasonably priced, OrbitDesk offers an he easy to use interface with lots of helpful tutorials, making setup a breeze. Plus, I did not have to set OrbitDesk up on my computer! It was so easy to setup my FAQ section, for my clients to submit tickets, and for my agents to respond.

I have tried a lot of help desks but I have finally found the one I will keep.

Thank you OrbitDesk for making my life so much easier.

DLWalsh Marketing

D. Walsh DLWalsh Marketing

one of the best values on the internet

I just had to let you know how pleased I am with OrbitDesk. While I certainly have not tried them all, the features and benefits of the application are simply to numberous to mention.

First of all it is so quick and easy to set up and customize right out of the box. The simple Admin tools make it easy to use and make it your own.

With my own sub-domain and installing my logo my customers will feel right at home knowing they are dealing with someone they are familiar with.

And, with no per agent fees, no data fees, no email fees, private databases, and vanity subdomains, it’s one of the best values on the internet.

R. Brown

easy to use efficient system

OrbitDesk is easy to use and offers an efficient system to handle questions from clients. This will likely give other help-desk services a serious run for their money. Highly recommended!

Nick DrWebly

clean and logical interface

Really liked the clean and logical interface.
No searching what to do, where to go, its all there clear as daylight.
Should appease grumpy clients just by seeing ease of use.
Really like it.

U. Vieth

great choice for your customer support needs

Orbitdesk is an excellent alternative to the more expensive support-desk-software out there.

Since it is an online Software and not a WordPress plugin, it can be used for any kind of online (or offline) business.

Fully functional already in its Beta-version and with the great support by a since-long active online company, this is a great choice for your customer support needs.

IM Buyers Club

Karl G. IM Buyers Club

gives your customers everything they need

Having tried OrbitDesk, I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone wanting a professional and useful tool to service your customers.
It’s clean neat and no fuss interface makes it easy to use and gives your customers everything they need.
Try it for yourself, you’ll be impressed!

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W. Ballard UCS News