Multiple Markets

Virtually ANY business, Online or Brick and Mortar, NEEDS a Support System. We built OrbitDesk with small and mid-size business in mind.
Add a “Market Busting Unselfish Price” and you can imagine how quick this system is likely to grow.

Recurring Income

All license sales and renewals are tracked and credited, along with future upgrades and cross-sells to your customers.
The Unselfish Marketer Organization has built a reputation of this spanning over a decade, and remains one of the most respected names in Internet Marketing.

Unselfish Commissions

Expect “Unselfish Commission Programs” and be confident of retaining your customers.
We, like you, have precious little time to waste when it comes to growing customer bases and income.
We respect and support your efforts… and you look forward to recurring paychecks at each cycle.

Proven Backing

As mentioned several other places, our parent Organization,The Unselfish Marketer (owned by JayKay Bak) has been an Internet Marketing legend for over a decade.
Google the Organization or the person if you haven’t heard. Then partner with one of the few truely reputable and proven Giants of Internet Marketing.

Great Retention

Once almost ANY business, Online or Brick and Mortar, adopts a Support System, they rarely change… Unless they find better features at a lower price.
We offer a “SaaS”, “Market Matched System”, at a “Market Busting Unselfish Price”! You can imagine how quick this system is likely to grow.

Bonus Opportunities

Multiple Cross-Sells, Up-Sells, and Down-Sells available. Some will even be featured inside the Customer Dashboard… And You STILL Earn Commissions!
Or design your own mix and strategies with OrbitDesk leading the way.

Affiliate or Reseller

Join as an Affiliate,or grab Batches of Resell Licenses… OR BOTH!
Choose what fits your customer base and current marketing mix.
Regardless, Make Money knowing we will not go directly after your customers.

Tested and Proven

OrbitDesk was built with components from some of the best Open Source Support and Help Desk Systems in the Market, enhanced with loads of our own proprietary stuff too.
Thoroughly tested, Beta Tested, and constantly improved “SaaS” Support System.

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