Beta Testing Phase Closing

Thanks again to all our Beta Testers as our Beta Testing comes to a close.

Behind the scenes we have identified some forms that were broken and missing or broken links. Though there may still be a few “yet to be discovered” gremlins hiding somewhere, the issues we found have all been repaired, addressed, or scheduled for improvement before our upcoming Full Launch phase.

Found and Fixed:

  • repaired broken User Editing Forms in Admin Area
  • repaired additional forms that were misfiring in some advanced cases at Admin Area
  • repaired numerous html/css errors in Admin and Agents Areas
  • corrected some misspellings and typos

Planned Improvements:

  • addition of a less buggy “Reports Section” that is also easier to use/interpret
  • smoother User flow at Sign Up
  • addition of a more complete “Help and FAQs” section
  • continued js/css improvements
  • replace Redactor editor for Tickets. Replies, and Forms

In Progress Improvements:

  • moving entire structure to a new powerhouse Dedicated Server
  • cloud CDN for js and css files

We thank you for all your Support Tickets that helped us identify the above, and as a result, OrbitDesk is on track to becoming a valuable tool for all of you and for our future customers as well.

Be sure to get your reviews and testimonials submitted at OrbitDesk Support, Category-Beta Testing Testimonials before the deadline to get your Beta Tester Rewards.

Also, while we are still adding sales material, please be sure to register as an affiliate from the link in the right column inside your Member Dashboard. Spread the word and your links for some GREAT recurring commissions.

We hope you enjoy our newest product, and that you get many years of service from us.

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