Responsive Front AND Back

Responsive Front And Back

Responsive Front & Back
OrbitDesk works on most devices with a web connection under most circumstances.

Make Help and Support Mobile for you AND your customers.

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Responsive Front AND Back – Take Support Along

Many Support Systems offer a “responsive” front end or user facing side. But the “Gotcha” of a clunky, non-responsive, non-user-friendly, Admin and Agent side remains an issue in the industry.

OrbitDesk is built Front AND Back to work on most devices and in a User-Friendly layout.

Customers will have NO trouble creating and viewing Support Tickets, and you and your agents can view and answer from almost anywhere on most devices. Even the Optional Knowledge Base and FAQ sections of your OrbitDesk are easy to navigate and view.

Help and Support should be designed to allow you to leave the office and give you the mobility and flexibility your business demands.

Fair Warning: OrbitDesk uses something called “sessions” which can lead to issues with “tower-hopping” in a moving vehicle (you may need to Log In again for example). But really now, should you be viewing and answering Support Tickets while driving?

Help us keep YOU our Valued Customers safe… DON’T use OrbitDesk while driving.

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